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Author: Jeff dePascale (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: February 15, 2009 9:54 AM
Version: .95
Views: 19,064
Downloads: 691
License: BSD


ResizeToolkit is a complete full screen and stage resize/object layout solution for Actionscript 3 Flash development. ResizeToolkit offers the following capabilities:

* Simplified control over fullscreen toggling implementations through the FullScreenController class

* Simplified control over handling of stage resize events through the ResizeController class

* Straightforward, understandable layout of displayObjects based on stage dimensions using the static methods of the ResizeShortcut class, which includes the ability to scale and or center objects, fill the stage, float objects to the dynamically sized edges of the window, and do all of these with respect to different axes, proportional or not, and with objects that have both 0,0 registration points and central registration points

* ResizeGrid class takes ResizeShortcut one step further and makes laying out items on a standard 9 point grid as simple as laying them out visually in a multidimensional array

See quick start PDF for detailed implementation, Class file documentation can be found in the documentation folder in the package download and online at http://www.jeffdepascale.com/blog/documentation/

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